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Sailor Moon Music

Numerous people wrote and composed music for the Sailor Moon metaseries, with frequent lyrical contributions by creator Naoko Takeuchi. Takanori Arisawa, who earned the "Golden Disk Grand Prize" from Columbia Records for his work on the first series soundtrack in 1993, composed and arranged all of the background musical scores, including the spinoffs, games, and movies. In 1998, 2000, and 2001 he won the JASRAC International Award for most international royalties, owing largely to the popularity of Sailor Moon music in other nations.
Most of the TV series used for an opening theme "Moonlight Densetsu" (ムーンライト伝説 Mūnraito Densetsu?, lit. "Moonlight Legend"), composed by Tetsuya Komoro with lyrics by Kanako Oda. It was one of the series' most popular songs. "Moonlight Densetsu" was performed by DALI as the opener for the first two anime series,and then by Moon Lips for the third and fourth.The final series, Sailor Stars, switched to using "Sailor Star Song" for its opening theme, written by Shōki Araki with lyrics by Naoko Takeuchi and performed by Kae Hanazawa."Moonlight Densetsu" made its final appearance as the closing song for the very last episode, #200. "Moonlight Densetsu" has been covered and remixed many times by artists such as the punk supergroup Osaka Popstar and Kitade Nana.
The English-language dub of the anime series used the melody of "Moonlight Densetsu", but with very different lyrics and instrumentation. At the time, it was unusual for anime theme songs to be translated, and this was one of the first such themes to be redone in English since Speed Racer. The English theme has been described as "insane but catchy". The Japanese theme is a love song based on the relationship between Usagi and Mamoru ("born on the same Earth"); its first verse, as it appears in the English subtitles, is as follows:

I'm sorry I'm not straightforward,
I can say it in my dreams
My thoughts are about to short circuit,
I want to see you right now

The English "Sailor Moon Theme" rather resembles a superhero anthem. Its first verse is written:

Fighting evil by moonlight,
Winning love by daylight,
Never running from a real fight,
She is the one named Sailor Moon

Both versions of the series also make use of insert themes, battle music, and image songs, with the original being much more prolific. Over 40 Japanese music albums were released for the anime alone, many of which were remixes of the previous albums in jazz style, music box, French, etc. In addition, 33 different CD singles were released, many of them centered around specific characters. The second most prolific country in terms of Sailor Moon music releases was Germany, which produced some fifteen albums and singles, including five by the pop band Super Moonies. In North America, only three albums were released. These numbers do not include the CDs from the Musicals, which were only released in Japan. At least one CD was released per musical, as well as various collections, such as Villain Collections or many songs sung by a single actor or actress. Various CDs were also released for the live action adaptation as well.
Moonlight Densetsu was released as a CD single in March 1992, and was an "explosive hit"."Moonlight Densetsu" won first place in the Song category in Animage's 15th and 16th Anime Grand Prix.It came seventh in the 17th Grand Prix, and "Moon Revenge", from Sailor Moon R: The Movie, came eighth. "Rashiku Ikimasho", the second closing song for Supers, placed eighteenth in 1996. In 1997, "Sailor Star Song", the new opening theme for Sailor Stars, came eleventh, and "Moonlight Densetsu" came sixteenth.

Sailor Moon - Songs From The Hit TV Series

Sailor Moon ThemeNicole & Brynne Price1 of 111:35
I Wanna Be A Star!Jennifer Cihi (Serena)2 of 113:24
My Only LoveJennifer Cihi (Serena)3 of 113:09
Call My Name (I'll Be There)Jennifer Cihi (Serena)4 of 112:57
Oh Starry NightSandy Howell (Raye)5 of 113:17
It's A New DayJennifer Cihi (Serena)6 of 112:50
Carry OnJennifer Cihi (Serena)7 of 112:11
Rainy Day ManPatricia Tollett (Lita)8 of 113:09
Only A Memory AwayShandi Sinnamon (Amy)9 of 113:12
She's Got The PowerStan Bush10 of 112:58
Sailor Moon Theme Reprise (Ending)Nicole & Brynne Price11 of 110:32

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