Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sailor Moon Usagi Tsukino Aspects and Forms

As a character with different incarnations, special powers, transformations and a long lifetime which (virtually) spans the ancient Silver Millennium era and the 30th century, Usagi gains multiple aspects and aliases such as Princess Serenity, Sailor Moon, Princess Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Moon, and Neo-Queen Serenity.
First appearance
Usagi TsukinoAct 1Episode 1Act 1
Sailor MoonAct 1Episode 1Act 1
Princess SerenityAct 9Episode 34Act 25
Princess Sailor MoonEpisode 44Act 36
Neo-Queen SerenityAct 16Episode 68
Super Sailor MoonAct 30Episode 111
Eternal Sailor MoonAct 42Episode 168
Pure Moon PrincessAct 52Episode 200

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