Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Attacks of Sailor Mars

Akuryo Taisan: One of Rei's powers as a miko. She threw an ofuda at the enemy while yelling "Akuryo Taisan". It could immbolize the opponent, or as in the R movie, exorcise enemy influence over a person or place. In the manga, Sailor Mars caused the the target to be consumed in flames.
Mars Fireball Ignite: Sailor Mars would begin the attack by clasping her hands together with her two index fingers pointing outwards. A fireball would form at the tips of her index fingers which she then shot forward, killing or wounding her enemy by engulfing him or her in flames.
Fire Soul Bird: To perform this attack, Sailor Mars first chanted while holding an ofuda in front of her, then threw the ofuda and yelled, "Fire Soul Bird" to release a fireball from her index fingers. The fire then engulfed the ofuda and took the shape of a phoenix-like bird.
Mars Celestial Fire Surround: To perform this attack, Sailor Mars moved her hand in a circular motion around her body, creating a ring of fire. The ring then turned into eight smaller rings that flew toward the enemy.
Mars Snake Fire: To perform this attack, she created a snake made of fire and sent it toward the enemy.
Mars Flame Sniper: To perform this attack, Sailor Mars summoned a fiery bow and arrow, and then shot the arrow toward her target.

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