Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sailor Moon Ikuko/Mama

Ikuko Tsukino (月野 育子 Tsukino Ikuko) is the Earth mother of protagonist Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon). She cares for Chibiusa when she is present, whom she believes to be her niece, but who in truth is her granddaughter. She also cares for Chibichibi, whom she believes to be her second daughter. Ikuko's name and design are modeled after the mother of creator Naoko Takeuchi. She is often seen cooking and chiding Usagi for her grades in school; still, they're shown to be pretty close, since she gives Usagi advice on relationships of all kinds from time to time, and eagerly accepts her relationship with Mamoru.
Unlike the rest of the minor cast, Ikuko managed to appear in all five seasons, the only recurring character to appear in Sailor Stars. In the anime she is targeted by the Amazon Trio, and in the manga she cares for the injured cats when Usagi leaves to fight Galaxia. It is unknown whether or not she is still alive in the time of Crystal Tokyo.
In the live-action series, Ikuko is a completely different character than either of her other incarnations. She is extremely outgoing (even more so than Usagi), quirky, and determined. She changes her hairstyle almost every day, is constantly trying out new (and questionable) omelette recipes, and loves nothing more than being in the spotlight. She is even high school friends with Minako's manager, and it is said the two of them were big participants in their school's theater program.
In the Japanese anime, Ikuko is voiced by Sanae Takagi. In the English dub, Ikuko is voiced by Barbara Radecki (Who also does the voice of Sailor Neptune). In the live action series she is portrayed by Kaori Moriwaka.

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