Monday, August 30, 2010

Sailor Moon Shingo Tsukino

Shingo Tsukino (月野 進悟 Tsukino Shingo, called Sammy in English) is the obnoxious little brother of Usagi Tsukino, making her the only Sailor Senshi with any known siblings. His influence in her life is alternately helpful and mocking; he considers her well-meaning, but a crybaby and a klutz.
Shingo first appears in the first installment of every version of the series, but is not heavily featured in any adaptations and little is known about him. Though unaware of his sister's true identity, he is impressed by the media-hyped urban legends of Sailor Moon and Sailor V. He is a particularly enthusiastic fan of Sailor Moon, because she rescued him from Dark Kingdom forces fairly early on in her career. He enjoys video games, and makes good grades. Shingo appears in several episodes of the first series, but only occasionally appears in later series. Episode #144 in Sailor Moon Supers is one of his most memorable later episodes, in which he has a crush on Ami Mizuno.
In the live-action series, Shingo is an extremely cynical character. He hates much of what his crazy sister and mother do, and seems to not care about much of life in general. In fact, he even discovers Luna's true identity and reacts to it just like he does to everything: ignores it and goes back to playing his video games.
In the video game "Another Story," Shingo is temporarily granted a large role, as he is kidnapped by the villains as ransom in an attempt to force his big sister Usagi (a.k.a. Sailor Moon) to hand over the Silver Crystal. In a conversation with one of the villains, the Opposito Senshi Sin, Shingo confesses that sometimes Usagi can be irritating, stealing his food and using his games, but also worries about him when he's sick or hurt. When Sin calls Usagi a bad sister, Shingo angrily tells her not to badmouth his sister, and is subsequently put to sleep through a spell. He is still asleep when the Senshi arrive and successfully rescue him.
His favorite book is listed as Shonen J*mp (a reference to Weekly Shōnen Jump), and he likes to play Famicom. At the beginning of the series, he is in Grade 5, meaning that he is between 10 and 11 years old or 3 to 4 years younger than his big sister, Usagi he is 13 or 14 by the end of the series.
In the Japanese anime, he is voiced by Chiyoko Kawashima (who also performs as Sailor Pluto and Haruna Sakurada). In the English dub, he is voiced by Julie Lemieux. In the live action series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, he is played by Naoki Takeshi.

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